Building Code Tutor breaks down the provincial and national building code Part 3, fire protection and life safety principles, into small, straightforward modules — 25 in all. These modules have been packaged into courses specific to professional associations. Courses can be purchased individually or in one of two discounted bundles:

  • Volume 1 (12 modules on general construction and fire safety principles)
  • Volume 2 (13 modules on occupancies and specific designations)

Every module includes interactive content explaining one or more sections of building code Part 3.  Courses are completely self-contained and self-paced — there are no additional materials required and no real-time components to attend. You access your course whenever you want, wherever there’s an Internet connection. Already know something? You can skip past it. Need a review? You can watch and listen again. Your learning is completely under your control.

At the end of each module, there is a short quiz related to its contents. A mark of 80% or better results in a Certificate of Completion, which can be presented to your association for professional development credits.

Building Code Tutor is the only building code training course that describes Part 3 of the National Building Code of Canada (NBCC) and all of the various provincial building codes so that it is relevant anywhere in Canada. No other course is this comprehensive, so if you work across provincial boundaries, or plan to, the Building Code Tutor is your best companion.