Professionals, educators, students, and association representatives have all offered praise for Building Code Tutor and its creator, Les Muniak.

Diagrams, illustrations, and particularly axonometrics were extremely helpful in communicating the essence of the topic...

Mini quizzes and interactive parts of each lesson were another great feature, as they helped in letting the content sink in at short intervals rather than leaving everything for the final quiz.
— Architect
The Building Code Tutor helped me tremendously….as a means to study for the Examination for Architects in Canada (this is a 4-part exam where one exam is solely focused on the National Building Code) and I could not have been more pleased with my decision to purchase the Building Code Tutor….I would highly recommend the Building Code Tutor to anyone who requires a thorough understanding of this very dense and somewhat unclear document!
— Architectural Intern
Our members constantly rate these courses as excellent. The comment that keeps coming up through the evaluations is how you are able to make the building code understandable and how you assist the members to learn day-to-day practical application.
— ARIDO (Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario)
Your insights gave an entirely different opinion of the OBC and a new approach to using and complying with the code.
— Professor of Interior Design
I would like to thank you for providing clear and concise information about the Ontario Building Code and how to apply the information. It is indeed helpful to see the big picture relating to the Ontario Building Code.
— Interior Design Student
Your dedication to the profession, our student’s education, and the broader community are greatly valued.
— School Coordinator
Les is a jewel to be cherished! He is the only consultant on code issues that makes the code make sense. Made a dry topic interesting, thank you for being ‘a wealth of knowledge’.
— Training Participant
You should get the Governor General’s award for teaching such a dull subject with interest and clarity.
— Training Participant
I have recommended it already.
— Training Participant